Airlines are charging too much for food

Airlines are charging too much for food

Low cost airlines are hiking up the price of snacks and drinks by more than 1,000% compared with everyday prices, according to research that shows that a 12p cup-a-soup sachet can cost passengers as much as £2.50.

A comparison of six major budget airlines serving the UK market found huge price increases on basic refreshments, with most carriers charging £2.60 for a tea and £1.80 for a 500ml bottle of water.

Ryanair, perceived by most as the airline offering the lowest seat prices, was found to be the most expensive when it came to on-board snacks, charging £2.34 for a bottle of water and £1.56 for a chocolate bar.

Passengers on a Ryanair flight could find themselves paying £1.96 for a 200ml can of cola, and £2.34 for a 160g bag of gummy sweets.

However, Ryanair is by no means alone in charging high prices. The price comparison snapshot, by travel search engine, found airlines routinely charged triple the supermarket price for chocolate bars, compared with supermarket prices.

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Norweigian has issues with budget long haul Dreamliner flights

One of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA’s (NAS.OS) Boeing Dreamliner jets remained grounded in port Fri as a result of technical issues, adding to a variety of recent mishaps with the planes solely days when the Norwegian budget airline Sat down with Boeing BA -0.54% during a crisis meeting to resolve the case. The spokesman said that he hopes everyone has good travel insurance for over 85s the trip on the plane.

The jet ought to have left port for national capital, Sweden, at 5:30 pm civil time with virtually two hundred passengers however had to stay on the bottom as a result of hydraulic ram issues, Norwegian press voice Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson told The Wall Street Journal Fri.

Norwegian is voted Europe’s best low-cost airline for the second year running
— Norwegian (@Fly_Norwegian) July 15, 2014

The passengers are rebooked on different flights, and a few of them are checked into hotels, Ms. Holmbergh Jacobsson aforesaid. Norwegian continues to be attempting to repair the aircraft’s technical issues, she added.

Norwegian presently operates 2 Dreamliners on long-distance routes from Scandinavia to Asia and therefore the U.S., and aims to introduce six additional over future few years because it ramps up its long-haul service. however it’s had to ground the craft many times in recent weeks as a result of technical problems, together with mechanics issues also as power provide mishaps and brake run-down indications. Others, together with heap Polish Airlines Sturmarbeiteilung, have additionally had to halt flights recently as a result of technical problems with their Dreamliners.

Top managers of Norwegian and Boeing met in national capital weekday on to debate the recent issues.
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