Flying from Europe to Australia on the cheap

Flying from Europe to Australia on the cheap

So we now have direct flights to Australia from Europe. The London to Perth Qantas service started earlier in the year and has been a great success. There is now talk that Sydney and Melbourne will also be linked to London, maybe as early as 2021.

Here are some news snippets of the non-stop London Sydney flights…

Non-stop flights between Heathrow and Sydney have moved a step closer, with Qantas vowing to operate “direct flights from the east coast of Australia to London and New York by 2022”.

The revelation came as the Australian airline announced record full-year profits.

Previously Qantas had said only that it had asked Airbus and Boeing to put forward proposals for aircraft to serve what would be the world’s longest routes.

In March, the Australian airline launched the first scheduled nonstop flights between Heathrow and Perth. It says the new route “is the highest rating service on our network”.


WHEN Qantas launched its direct flights from Perth to London, some praised it as a history making, game-changing event, while others cringed at the idea of 17 relentless hours in the air.

So in news that will thrill the first lot of people and raise eyebrows among the rest, Qantas now plans to do one better.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has revealed plans for a 20-hour non-stop flight between Sydney and London, which he said was likely to reach the friendly skies within the next four years.

A year ago, Mr Joyce threw down the challenge to jet makers Boeing and Airbus to develop passenger planes capable of flying ultra-long routes from Sydney to London or New York by the early 2020s.

Now, in a new interview, Mr Joyce said he’s convinced they’ve done it.

If you are heading downunder then insure you have a good level of Australia travel insurance because medical costs there can be very high.


There is good news for fans of long-haul travel as Qantas has confirmed its plans to implement direct flights from Sydney to London and New York by 2022 are advancing. Its confidence will have been buoyed with the news that its new London to Perth service is the “highest rating service” on its network, and the flights have been 92% full since launching in late March.


Qantas’ Perth to London service is setting more records but this time it’s for passenger load factors and profitability.

And Perth and WA are the big winners with 78 per cent of passengers terminating in Perth or flying on to a destination in WA.

Speaking exclusively with The West Australian Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said that the load factor on the service is 92 per cent and for premium classes 94 per cent making it the airline’s most profitable service say analysts.

Mr Joyce was responding to data released by the Civil Aviation Authority, the British aviation regulator which stated that the flight were only 78.1 per cent full.

However, what the CAA numbers do not count are those passengers going on to Melbourne or any other destination in Australia.


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