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Zooms Airline - Zoom Airline Canada

Home Base: Canada
Destinations: Europe / Canada
Website: http://www.flyzoom.com
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Zoom Airlines' new Vancouver - Cardiff service began June 12, 2006 and will be available every Monday up to October 30, 2006.

Prices for Zoom Airlines' high quality, full service flights to Cardiff, which include meals, drinks and in-flight entertainment, will start from $299 one way.

"Buoyed by the continuing success of our transatlantic program, we are pleased to be adding Cardiff to the list of now six gateways we offer from Vancouver to Europe" says Kris Dolinki, Chief Executive Officer, Zoom Airlines. "We are extremely excited to offer more choice and flexibility to trans-Atlantic travel and we endeavour to continue to offer the lowest scheduled airfares across the Atlantic."

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